Robeson County’s challenges aren’t ‘elitist’

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has proclaimed that, if elected, his top legislative priority will be LGBTQ rights. Although this is an important issue, historically the Democratic party focused on issues for the common person, such as Bill Clinton’s “Putting People First” and “It’s the Economy, Stupid” to John Kerrey’s “Let America be America Again.” We … More Robeson County’s challenges aren’t ‘elitist’

Meaningful college admissions essay questions

Today, the most common essay question for college admissions applications is basically, “explain how you have overcome adversity in some part of your life.” If you think about it, this question really has relatively little to do with performance and human growth in college. Here are some questions I recommend for better determining college performance … More Meaningful college admissions essay questions

Corporate responsibility? Not living off taxpayers

Corporate social responsibility is the term that encompasses all of the activity a for-profit (and sometimes nonprofits, such as SeHealth) company accomplishes to be a good citizen, often globally. Nowadays, the public, and customers, expect companies to sponsor charitable events, help educate their employees, and be environmental stewards. Locally, McDonald’s employs a corporate chaplain to … More Corporate responsibility? Not living off taxpayers