Blogpost #3 in honor of Dr. Steven Bourquin

Steven was a tremendous football fan and a deeply devoted Ohio State fan. Because he cared so passionately for Ohio State, and I have far less allegiance to any team, I tried to get on the Buckeye bandwagon and with him celebrate their joys and commiserate their losses. I’ll admit that since I’ve only ever lived in ACC and SEC territory, I could never completely get on the Buckeye bandwagon, but I tried.  J

I liked that Steven was not a blind fan. He could give a very objective assessment of the chances of the Buckeyes, or nearly any other team for that matter, winning a game that weekend.

For one particularly high stakes game, Steven took a very large Ohio State banner and hung it on our front porch. We would have been fine with that, but Amy and the kids decided to play a practical joke on him. They took the banner down. Then, they got our largest pot and burned several newspapers in it, creating a sizeable pile of ash. Next, they took the pot of ashes and placed it by his door.

Of course, when he noticed the banner was gone and saw the pot of ashes, he was crestfallen. I’d learned my lesson from the car parking prank ( so we didn’t let him despair for long. A few seconds after he saw the pot of ashes, we unfurled the Ohio State banner again, and we all shared a good laugh and some bear hugs.


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