What liberals don’t understand about conservatives

–        We are supporters of immigration. We love the infusion of new ideas that immigrants bring. We don’t support illegal immigration because it is, after all, illegal.

–        We make a distinction between disagreement and hate. We are surprised when someone thinks we hate them when we simply disagree with their ideas.

–        We care deeply for the poor. We work extremely hard to help the poor be lifted out of poverty. We just don’t think more government programs accomplish this. Incidentally, any observation of the last 50 years in America and the research support this conclusion.

–        We know the more government controls the economy, the more it benefits the wealthy (increasing income inequality) because only the wealthy make political contributions, hire lobbyists, and can afford lawyers to exploit loopholes. When decisions are taken out of a free market, they get made to the advantage of those with influence and to the disadvantage of the poor.

–        We know that free speech has been the primary feature of what has made the United States great. Even though it pains us to hear ourselves denigrated, we know free speech is worth that denigration – but that applies to everyone.

–        We want everyone to be healthy. It is so obvious to us that the Affordable Care Act has had an overall negative affect on our society and we are surprised that liberals either won’t acknowledge that research or admit it.

–        We believe that all human beings have sacred worth regardless of their shirt size, occupation, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic imaginable. We want to be in dialogue with anyone and we want all voices to be heard (none to be bullied), even those that offend us (back to that free speech thing).

–        We don’t want politicians to fight for us. We want them to collaborate, find common ground, negotiate, and compromise. All of the “fight” rhetoric of Democratic candidates turns us off.

–        We are environmentalists who assume responsibility for caring for the Earth. We don’t buy into the alarmists about the environment because they have been systematically wrong from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring to Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb to An Inconvenient Truth, which has proven to be embarrassingly wrong only a few years since it came out. We focus on clean air and water and prolific animal habitats.

–        We know that our standard of living can only increase if we have economic growth. Our policies should be biased toward job creation by the private sector.

–        We worry about sustainability, the long-term implications of all policies. We opposed the type of pension commitments given to municipal employees because we knew they were unrealistic. Liberal politicians have enacted policies that have the potential to bankrupt state and local governments. We expect Illinois to become bankrupt. Social Security is technically bankrupt and needs to be fixed.

–        We believe the essential element to human dignity is the ability to work/create. Work doesn’t mean only “paid work.” Government policies should promote work, in order to increase human dignity.

–        We believe in democracy. The way we interact with each other as a society should be democratically determined. Consequently, we oppose the unelected judicial branch from legislating. If they find that a law is unclear in some way, they should send it to the legislative branch to clarify, not make such determinations themselves. If Roe v. Wade had not legislated, we would likely have a country today where some states would allow abortion with few restrictions and some would not. We would have accepted that outcome. We will typically continue to agitate against policies established by the judicial branch. We want the citizens to decide such matters democratically.

–        We know the research shows children growing up in the same household as their two married, biological parents vastly outperform any other family configuration. So, we want policies that encourage this health. We still want to help those (such as Bill Clinton’s family, whose father was killed before he was born) who don’t achieve this because of death, divorce, etc. The foremost goal of policy should be to help maintain intact families.

–        We believe strongly in essential fairness and consistency. If you don’t hold a sporting event or create jobs in a state because of a policy that state has, be consistent and apply the same standard for every other state or country.

–        We believe that the United States is the best country on earth. There are many other fine countries. Ours, however, has some unique features because of our Constitution and aspects of our culture such as having the least amount of formal or informal caste system. Other people should be proud of their countries. We can be especially proud of ours.



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