My Annual Challenge to College Students

Now that it is go-to-college season, I thought I would share again the challenge I pose for all college students. College is the time to search for truth, discover the evidence, and form your beliefs. In particular, the college years are the best time to explore the really big questions of life – is there a God? where did the world come from? why are we here? etc. A big part of being college-educated is doing the in-depth research to determine your beliefs. Don’t just believe something because a professor said it or you heard it on the news or saw it on the web. Do the hard work of finding EVIDENCE. Be ready to change your mind when the evidence changes. If someone asks you why you believe something, if your answer is simply the talking points from a website, or someone else, you haven’t really educated YOURself.
P.S. Discovering the evidence is probably going to require you to study more physics, philosophy, and theology than you had planned.
P.P.S. Many grownups are forwarding posts to FB that are logically fallacious and filled with other errors. You need to learn how to discern which ones.


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