The Last Time? (poem)

The Last Time?

Today in sport I beat a stud half my age
Using wisdom, craftiness, and strategy.
But, tomorrow he will catch on and the edge will be lost.
So, today was my last victory.

As a child, manatee swam daily
In the waterway outside my window.
Now they are endangered.
I can’t remember the last one I saw.

After a glorious honeymoon in Cancun,
We thought we would return periodically.
That was long, long ago.
We have been to many places, but, never back to Cancun.

I read bedtime stories to my baby
Who is now a young woman.
One day she was too old to have Daddy read to her,
But I don’t remember that day.

I had a close childhood friend
Whose life went one way while mine went another.
The phone calls were great, but less frequent
It has been years, but I can’t remember when we last spoke

We always know the first time when it happens.
But we rarely know the last time, until much later.
Cherish, enjoy, celebrate, relish, and savor every this time.
Because it could be the last time.


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